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Air Sealing for Improved Efficiency

We all know enough to close an open window if a chilly wind blows. But what about all the other, nearly invisible openings in your home that allow warm air to escape and cold air to enter? Can these be sealed off to save energy?

Air sealing is one of the simplest methods of weatherizing your home, but can be among the most effective.  Aaron’s Home Improvement’s air sealing process starts with a sophisticated “blower door” test that reveals hidden gaps, cracks and openings around doors, windows and walls. We then take steps to block and seal these openings to make your home airtight and snug. Using caulking, sealing tape and other methods, we effectively “close the door” on escaping energy and infiltrating cold.

Depending on the condition of your home, we may recommend some of the following air sealing steps:

  • Sealing bypasses (cracks, gaps, holes) around doors, windows, pipes and wiring that penetrate the ceiling and floor, and other areas with high potential for heat loss, using caulk, foam sealant, weather-stripping and electrical receptacle gaskets to reduce infiltration.
  • Sealing recessed lighting fixtures that can leak large amounts of air into unconditioned attic space.
  • Sealing air ducts, which can account for 20% of heat loss, using fiber-reinforced mastic (not duct tape, which is not suitable for this purpose)
  • Installing/replacing dampers in exhaust ducts, to prevent outside air from entering the house when the exhaust fan or clothes dryer is not in use.

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