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Attic Insulation: Cellulose or Fiberglass?


Aaron’s Home Improvement installs two different types of blown-in insulation, fiberglass and cellulose. Both deliver excellent insulation properties. The type of insulation we recommend for your home will depend on several factors, including the age of your home and type of construction.

The fiberglass based blown-in insulation is made from molten glass that is spun into fibers. Most manufacturers use 20%–30% recycled glass content.  Fiberglass insulation has excellent thermal performance, with the added benefit of sound control. It won’t settle, is non-combustible and will last a lifetime without rot or decay, and will not support fungus or mold growth.

Cellulose blown-in insulation forms a seamless “blanket” of fibers to provide excellent coverage and protection. It will not lose its R-value (avg. 3.8), which is higher than most fiberglass insulations. Cellulose insulation is composed of up to 85% recycled newsprint. The remaining content is most commonly a mixture of ammonium sulfate and borate that functions as a fire retardant. These chemicals also deter insects, rodents, and mold. Because Blown-in insulation is loose material it can take any shape and is much easier to fit into oddly shaped spaces such as narrow attic eaves.

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