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Aaron’s Home Improvement is the Michigan Insulation Company!

Aaron’s Home Improvement is a great source for insulating Michigan homes. We come into contact with so many homes that were poorly insulated when they were built.


To help you determine whether you need insulation, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are my gas and electric bills excessively high?
  • Does my furnace run too much in the winter?
  • Does my air conditioner run too much in the summer?
  • Are the shingles on my roof curling?
  • Is the temperature of my attic way hotter in the summer compared to the rest of my house?
  • Do I get a lot of icicles or ice dams in the winter?
  • Does the snow melt unevenly?

Answering yes to the above questions suggests a lack of or improper insulation in your home.

With that in mind, will more insulation cure or solve these problems?

Not necessarily.  A common mistake made by insulation companies, and homeowners alike, is insulating without sealing your home. You will increase the effectiveness of insulation greatly by sealing all the areas in your home that allow air infiltration. Proper sealing, i.e. caulking, weather-stripping, ECT coupled with proper insulation can reduce your energy costs from 15% to 40% or more.

Aaron’s is an energy trade ally with Consumer’s Energy, DTE Energy and Energy Star® certified contractor. At your request we will provide a free home energy analysis. This will show the most effective and least expensive ways to reduce your energy costs. Aaron’s also has BPI certified Auditors on staff to perform an audit of your home should you desire it. Implementing the cost saving measures prescribed by the audit can result in written guarantees as follows: category 3 measures 30% reduction, category 4 measures 40% reduction, and category 5 measures up to 50% reduction in your home energy requirements and costs.