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Beautiful, Maintenance-Free Siding for Your Michigan Home


Ready to add value and beauty to your home while also reducing maintenance and energy costs? You can achieve all of this by having Aaron’s Home Improvement install durable, attractive vinyl or fiber cement siding to your home.

If you are tired of scraping and painting your home every few years, Aaron’s Home Improvement can help you save time and money by wrapping your home in vinyl siding Michigan or fiber cement siding Michigan. Our siding solutions are not only low maintenance, but can also provide additional energy-saving insulation for your walls.

Siding is a cost effective way to protect your home from the weather, reduce home energy usage, and enjoy a relaxing, carefree life. Aaron’s Home Improvement is an experienced Michigan siding contractor installing top quality siding with superior performance and warranties.

Q. How long does vinyl siding last?

A. Vinyl siding is typically warranted for 30 years, some longer. At Aaron’s, you receive a fully transferable lifetime (30, 35, 40 years) warranty on labor and materials.

Q. Can vinyl siding be painted?

A. Vinyl siding is designed to be maintenance free; however, it can be cleaned as needed.

Q. Can I mix and match trim to create the look I want?

A. At Aaron’s, our Mastic Dream Home Program allows you to achieve the desired look from the widest selection of columns, corner posts, moldings and trim available, giving you the custom look that sets your home apart.

Q. Why are there usually so many seams in vinyl siding?

A. Poor installation practices and improper measurements are the 2 main culprits. At Aaron’s longer panel sections coupled with proper measurements (no short filler pieces used) and VSI certified installers create a virtually seamless appearance.

Q. Can I match paint with vinyl siding?

A.  In our Dream Home software program, over 3,000 Sherwin Williams colors are available to match your siding-to-be.

Q. Can I replace the wood siding on my mostly brick house?

A. Yes, vinyl siding is designed to be used with any exterior building material; stone, block, brick, wood, even stucco.

Q. When is the best time to install my new siding?

A. Vinyl siding can be installed any time of the year. Your budget and schedule will dictate when the best time is for you.

Q. How much does new siding cost?

A. Every home and budget is unique and there is a product and program best suited for you. Call Aaron’s and have a representative accurately measure your home, answer your questions, and provide you with the answers you require.

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