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Foam-backed Siding

Foam-backed vinyl siding is one of the best vinyl products on the market today. Now we can add “super energy efficient” to the long list of benefits of vinyl siding.

Did you know that with vinyl siding you could reduce your heating and cooling costs by more than 25%! Why so much? Because most homes built in the United States are wood framed, with studs 16 inches apart. In areas around doors or windows they are doubled or even tripled together. A stud also runs along the top and bottom of that wall. So your walls are approximately 25% wood.

Wooden wall studs have an insulation value of R-3 and are not very energy efficient. The guideline was just changed to 24 inches so builders can have more insulation in between these studs. Insulation in most walls is around R-13 but that’s only 75%. Foam-backed vinyl panels start around R-3 and can reach R-5. Aaron’s also installs up to 1 inch of ridged foam and a new vapor barrier where needed on your home before your foamed backed vinyl siding is installed. One inch ridged foam is rated at R-5. If this is achieved your entire home would now be R-13 minimum and 75% is now R-25, overall more than double on most homes.

It’s important to note that vinyl siding with foam backing has been ranked #2 for overall return on investment by Remodelers Magazine four years running. That’s right – a higher return than kitchen and bath remodels by about 8%. That fact surprises most people but we all know it’s curb appeal that sells. That’s why Aaron’s installs Mastic EPS foam backed siding. With over 20 colors available, hundreds of designer accents, and the all new Mastic Dream Home software, the possibilities are endless. Mastic EPS foam-backed siding also comes in longer than normal lengths to help eliminate those unsightly seems.

So, are you ready to take advantage of Aarons VSI certified siding? Our installers have installed over 500,000 square feet of vinyl siding. We’re ready to make your home a Dream Home. Call us today and start saving.

If you’re interested in learning more about foam-backed vinyl siding, click on one of these images:

Standard Foam-backed Siding
Seamless Foam-backed Siding

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